Inside Scoop: Dating Inside The Strip Club

When I first started dancing, I had no idea that the girls actually would take pride in dating the managers, DJs, bouncers, etc. At my first club, I hooked up with the DJ. I didn’t realize how common it probably was for him nor did I care. I didn’t think it was something to brag about…it…… Continue reading Inside Scoop: Dating Inside The Strip Club

Journal Entry #44

Sunday January 07, 2018 09:44p Hi guys:)! Friday night before I went to work, boyfriend  and I went out to our favorite bar and ordered some drinks. The bartender there always gives us free drinks and samples of drinks that he comes up with on his own. I usually have long islands but instead of…… Continue reading Journal Entry #44

Journal Entry 33

Friday December 15, 2017 04:23p Happy Friday, everyone! I know I was supposed to write an entry yesterday but I was lazy after answering all those Christmas questions. Yesterday, I stayed home from work because Wednesday was a shit show. It was so completely dead. I was literally about to walk out of the club…… Continue reading Journal Entry 33

The Prices You Have To Pay To Be An Exotic Dancer

If you’re going to work in a bigger/more popular state such as Nevada or New York, you will have to spend money before you ever make any. I already mentioned in my Strip Club Auditions Pt. 2 post how you need to purchase a business license and a sheriff’s card to work anywhere in Las Vegas. Depending…… Continue reading The Prices You Have To Pay To Be An Exotic Dancer

What My Job Has Taught Me

You probably know by now that I’ve been in the “sex working” industry since I was 19 years old. I started at a small peepshow in Minneapolis and now I’m working at a big strip club in Las Vegas. This job has taught me so many things in the three years that I’ve been doing…… Continue reading What My Job Has Taught Me