All of My Tattoos and Piercings

The first piercing I ever got were my ears. My parents got them done for me when I was a baby. When I was in Elementary school, I asked if I could get my ears pierced a second time. My mom brought me to Claire’s and I got my second hole in my ears. I never wear…… Continue reading All of My Tattoos and Piercings

Or my lack of a middle name

I actually don’t have a middle name. I’m not sure why my parents didn’t assign my older sister or me a middle name, but they didn’t. It always bothered me a little bit–everyone I met had a middle name… I was especially bothered when my little brother arrived in ’01 and he was given a…… Continue reading Or my lack of a middle name

Experiencing racism at a young age

Before entering 4th grade, my family moved to the very white town of Forest Lake, MN from the very diverse city of Saint Paul, MN. I was never fully aware that I was “different” in Saint Paul but I learned how I definitely was in Forest Lake. I was sad to be leaving my friends…… Continue reading Experiencing racism at a young age

Childhood fears

When I was younger, the internet was just starting to get really big, and I still had Dial-Up internet that held the phone lines up. (Via Win95) My Mom always told me not to put my name or photos on the internet. She told me that a rapist would see it, he would find out…… Continue reading Childhood fears