3 Key Destinations in California

I spent a day and a half in California in 2016. There were 3 key destinations I needed to (and was able to!) hit: 1. Universal Studios Hollywood 2. Hak Heang Restaurant/Little Cambodia Town (Long Beach, CA) 3. Huntington Beach xoxo, Hunida Featured Image by Corey Agopian Advertisements

My Favorite TV Shows From My Childhood

When I was a kiddo, there were so many awesome shows. These were my favorite by channel: Cartoon Network Totally Spies Powerpuff Girls The Jetsons Kids Next Door Dexter’s Laboratory PBS Kids Arthur Dragon Tales Clifford Nickelodeon The Fairly Oddparents Doug The Amanda Show Rocket Power Hey Arnold Drake & Josh Disney Even Stevens Sister,…… Continue reading My Favorite TV Shows From My Childhood

Lip Monthly December 2017: Unboxing and Review

I got my first Lip Monthly bag for only $5, it is normally $12.95/month. Everyone that signs up gets their first bag for $5 (25% off) and you are able to cancel at anytime. Lip Monthly sends you 4-5 full-sized items once a month in a beauty bag the same quality as Ipsy bags. Most of the products…… Continue reading Lip Monthly December 2017: Unboxing and Review

Awesome Blogger Award

I was nominated by two of my absolute favorite bloggers: Julie and Britney for the Awesome Blogger Award! Thank you so much for the nominations, girls! ❤ What is it? “This is an award for the absolutely wonderful writers all across the blogging world. They have beautiful blogs, are kind and lovely, and always find…… Continue reading Awesome Blogger Award

My Favorite Spots in Minnesota

I was born and raised in Minnesota. I only moved to Nevada a month and a year ago. I probably have been to every spot worth a mention in Minnesota. I will not be including dinner/lunch food spots because there are way too many but I did just have to mention a few of my favorite dessert…… Continue reading My Favorite Spots in Minnesota

Favorite Dates I’ve Been On

Ok, so if you’ve been following me for awhile, you probably know by now that I’m obsessed with food. I truly think the best date ever is going out to a nice dinner and dessert. For this post though, I’ll share with you my favorite dates that I’ve been on that didn’t include eating as…… Continue reading Favorite Dates I’ve Been On

My 16personalities.com Results

LOGICIAN PERSONALITY (INTP, -A/-T) The test results I received were so accurate, it was almost creepy. A lot of it even helped me understand myself more–telling me things about myself I wasn’t fully aware of. There were quite a few pages of results even though I didn’t pay for the premium profile. These are the…… Continue reading My 16personalities.com Results