My Favorite TV Shows From My Childhood

When I was a kiddo, there were so many awesome shows. These were my favorite by channel: Cartoon Network Totally Spies Powerpuff Girls The Jetsons Kids Next Door Dexter’s Laboratory PBS Kids Arthur Dragon Tales Clifford Nickelodeon The Fairly Oddparents Doug The Amanda Show Rocket Power Hey Arnold Drake & Josh Disney Even Stevens Sister,…… Continue reading My Favorite TV Shows From My Childhood

Journal Entry #41

Monday January 01, 2018 04:35p Happy New Year! Last night, I fell asleep before midnight, lol. Boyfriend says he kissed me at exactly midnight. I remember the kiss and walking into bed after but I didn’t look at the time. I believe him, though, lol. Boyfriend worked yesterday during the day. He got home around…… Continue reading Journal Entry #41