Journal Entry#48

Monday January 15, 2018 09:15p Am I an asshole? I think I am. I can’t help myself. My boyfriend has been complaining about his job endlessly and today, I didn’t let him vent to me. I actually attacked him verbally. I know I shouldn’t have and the whole time I’m thinking, “Hunida, you’re being a…… Continue reading Journal Entry#48

Journal Entry #47

Saturday January 13, 2018 07:21p Hi guys! If you’re wondering if I’m still dizzy…the answer is: YES. I ended up staying home on Thursday night but I tried to work on Friday night. It was so busy and I was too dizzy to stand it. I didn’t last very long. 😦 I’m just so disappointed and sad…… Continue reading Journal Entry #47

Journal Entry #46

Thursday January 11, 2018 05:14p First of all, I’m so confused why my post for yesterday didn’t post. I didn’t pre-write it and schedule it or anything like that. I put it together and pressed publish immediately? I’m thinking it happened because I might’ve closed my browser too quickly after I hit publish? I don’t…… Continue reading Journal Entry #46

Journal Entry #45

Tuesday January 09, 2018 06:09p Hi, all! 🙂 It’s been raining here in Vegas for the past two days. Weird, huh? Last night at work I became extremely dizzy. I still am dizzy right now. I don’t know what could be wrong with me? When I looked it up on the internet; they act as…… Continue reading Journal Entry #45

Journal Entry #43

Friday January 05, 2018 06:08p Today’s been an annoying day so far. I don’t want to talk about it. Yesterday, boyfriend left for work around 1p. I had to walk to the grocery store to get something for dinner. I bought a box of spring mix, a new raspberry dressing, croutons, and those pre-cooked grilled…… Continue reading Journal Entry #43

Journal Entry #42

Wednesday January 03, 2018 07:14p First of all, you guys know how much I love Sushi Neko, right? (Unless you’re new here, HELLO! My name’s Hunida and I’m addicted to sushi, I mostly find myself indulging in the AYCE sushi menu at this cute little spot called Sushi Neko.) Well, on Yelp I had reviewed my first visit…… Continue reading Journal Entry #42

Journal Entry #41

Monday January 01, 2018 04:35p Happy New Year! Last night, I fell asleep before midnight, lol. Boyfriend says he kissed me at exactly midnight. I remember the kiss and walking into bed after but I didn’t look at the time. I believe him, though, lol. Boyfriend worked yesterday during the day. He got home around…… Continue reading Journal Entry #41