Nov’17: Blog Schedule

I can’t believe it’s already been another month blogging here with you guys on WP!! This is month number 4. I’m surprised (and thankful!) you all aren’t sick of me yet. For my first two blog challenges (August and September) I searched the web for blog post ideas and prompts, but last month, this month,…… Continue reading Nov’17: Blog Schedule

Journal Entry 14

Sunday October 29, 2017 11:18p I don’t want to talk about work because everyday has been extra shitty. Yesterday was boring. I didn’t do much except read. I got through 45% of Hunger by Roxane Gay and I DNF’d it. It wasn’t grabbing my attention, I felt like the first 30 chapters were so repetitive. Today boyfriend…… Continue reading Journal Entry 14

My Favorite Thing About Each (Major) Holiday

New Year’s Day I love everyone’s excitement to start a better and healthier lifestyle for themselves. I love how some New Year’s Resolutions are checked off on this day. Valentine’s Day What’s not to love about Valentine’s Day? For someone who loves all pink everything, I am in love with how all the stores and…… Continue reading My Favorite Thing About Each (Major) Holiday

Journal Entry 12

Wednesday October 25, 2017 6:51p Today, I woke up around noon to my downstairs neighbor screaming. I knew it was noon because every day at noon she is screaming about something. I used the toilet and took a shower and when I came back boyfriend was awake and he said “I hate today.” He remembered…… Continue reading Journal Entry 12

Journal Entry 11

Monday October 23, 2017 6:08p My period snuck up on me on Saturday. Boyfriend went to get the coffee and I was about to start working on my makeup and it came. I tried to call boyfriend to let him know, in hopes that he hadn’t got the coffee yet but he had already purchased…… Continue reading Journal Entry 11

5 Songs That Are ‘So-My-Life’

1. Me, Myself, & I by G-Eazy & Bebe Rexha THE LYRICS I RELATE TO: “But regardless I’ll always keep keepin’ on” “I don’t like talking to strangers So get the fuck off me I’m anxious I’m tryna be cool but I might just go ape shit Say fuck y’all to all of y’all faces” “Everyone…… Continue reading 5 Songs That Are ‘So-My-Life’