Journal Entry #44

Sunday January 07, 2018 09:44p Hi guys:)! Friday night before I went to work, boyfriend  and I went out to our favorite bar and ordered some drinks. The bartender there always gives us free drinks and samples of drinks that he comes up with on his own. I usually have long islands but instead of…… Continue reading Journal Entry #44

Day 22: How I’ve Changed in the Past 2 Years

(2 years ago – June 2015)(2017)Obviously in the looks department I haven’t changed a bit. My face is the same and I even have the same hairdo! I’ve got different glasses now but I do still have a similar black pair like the ones I’ve got on in the picture from two years ago. My…… Continue reading Day 22: How I’ve Changed in the Past 2 Years

So I wasn’t fired

I worked last Friday and no one said anything about my drunken shenanigans, lol. I was absolutely grateful. But, towards the end of the night the bitch I shared the champagne room with came up to me while I was with customers and was like “omg it’s my faaaavorite!” (referring to me, obviously I’m not…… Continue reading So I wasn’t fired

Nails’n’News (#1)

I got my nails done today. I chose a dark, dark purple called Violet’s Secret. I always want to try something different but I’ve been getting my nails done for a few years and I always switch from black, purple, red, pink, sparkles, and french tip. Last time I actually got an army pastel green,…… Continue reading Nails’n’News (#1)

Day 3: My Views on Drugs & Alcohol

Before I entered high school, I stayed far away from drugs and alcohol. When rumors swarmed around that my 8th grade boyfriend was smoking and selling weed to kids in my grade, I dumped him. I didn’t want to associate myself with a “druggie.” When we entered our freshman year of high school, the boy…… Continue reading Day 3: My Views on Drugs & Alcohol