Day 4: My Views on Religion

Growing up I was always told things like “if you eat while you’re laying down, in your next life, you will be a hippo” and “if you’re a good person in this life, you’ll be wealthy in your next life” I always believed what I was told. I never knew having another life after death…… Continue reading Day 4: My Views on Religion

Day 3: My Views on Drugs & Alcohol

Before I entered high school, I stayed far away from drugs and alcohol. When rumors swarmed around that my 8th grade boyfriend was smoking and selling weed to kids in my grade, I dumped him. I didn’t want to associate myself with a “druggie.” When we entered our freshman year of high school, the boy…… Continue reading Day 3: My Views on Drugs & Alcohol

Day 2: Where I Would Like to be in 10 Years

In 10 years, I’ll be 32 years old. Where I would like to be and where I think I’ll be are two totally different places. By 32, I hope I’ll have bought a house. I hope I’ll know what I’m doing with my life. I hope I am no longer winging it and I have…… Continue reading Day 2: Where I Would Like to be in 10 Years

Day 1: My Current Relationship

I was 19 years old and had just started working at my second club, Deja Vu in Minneapolis, MN.Also known as, the big pink building downtown.It was my turn on stage and the tip rail was full of young boys. The DJ played my favorite dubstep songs. I’m always, always nervous before I go on…… Continue reading Day 1: My Current Relationship