The worst movie I’ve ever watched

When Mr. Bean’s Holiday¬†came out my parents were still together. Going to the movies was a regular thing for our family on the weekends, especially on Sunday’s. When this movie came out, my dad said we had to see it. He¬†insisted that Mr. Bean was ever so hilarious, he remembered watching him when he was…… Continue reading The worst movie I’ve ever watched

Childhood fears

When I was younger, the internet was just starting to get really big, and I still had Dial-Up internet that held the phone lines up. (Via Win95) My Mom always told me not to put my name or photos on the internet. She told me that a rapist would see it, he would find out…… Continue reading Childhood fears

Day 27: A Problem I’ve Been Having

Honestly, I’ve got a ton of problems. Since the challenge says “A problem,” I guess you’re in luck, I’ll choose just one problem I’ve been having.My boyfriend and I fell in love with this 2-year-old girl cat named Twinkle Star. FUPI (Foreclosed Upon Pets, Inc.) always has some of their adoptable cats at our nearest…… Continue reading Day 27: A Problem I’ve Been Having