Dairy Free Me (#3)

It was time, yet again, for my boyfriend and me to re-up on groceries! We went to Smith’s and we spent way more than we should have! I guess we should not have went grocery shopping right after waiting 2.5 hours at the Social Security Card replacement center. But, at least I was able to pick up three new dairy-free products to try:

Daiya – Mushroom & Roasted Garlic Pizza

Daiya – Deluxe Cheddar Style Cheezy Mac

Silk – Unsweetened Vanilla Cashew Milk

I did really like Blue Diamond’s Almond & Cashew Vanilla Unsweetened Milk that I mentioned in my first and second Dairy Free Me posts, but I saw this on the shelf and wanted to give it a taste! I’ll be sure to let ya know how I like this one in my next Dairy Free Me post.

Taste Test:

I have taste tested everything fromΒ “Dairy Free Me (#2)”!

Enjoy Life – Dark Chocolate Morsels

These are good! They are a bit more bitter than Nestle’s but that was fine for me.

Blue Diamond – Vanilla Almond Milk

Ah, this is extremely sweet. I can’t even drink it plain. It tastes like the milk after you’ve eaten a bowl of extra sugary cereal but even sweeter… I was not a fan of this at all. Sadly, this will expire before I drink it all.

So Delicious – Coconut Milk Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwiches

The chocolate shell tastes just the same as a real ice cream sandwich. The ice cream was a bit icy and a lot more coconut-y than vanilla-y.

Almond Dream – Vanilla Ice Cream

After taking around 4 bites– just to make sure I hated it, I threw this straight into the trash. It tastes the way Play-Doh smells. So yucky!


8 thoughts on “Dairy Free Me (#3)

    1. Last week I tried a Daiya Alfredo Cheezy Mac in a box and it didn’t taste like alfredo– more like white cheddar but it was actually really good! That’s why I wanted to try this cheddar flavor one this time. 😊 I’ll let you know, for sure what I think about it!

      I’ve only tried a lot of Annie’s Organic snack like cheddar and chocolate bunnies hehe. But I’ll def look out for her dairy-free stuff now! Thank you! πŸ’œ

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  1. I definitely think the unsweetened milks are the way to go! You can always sweeten it yourself if you must. That cheddar Mac and cheese actually looks really good! Hope you picked a few winners πŸ™‚

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