Day 16, Music

Day 16: My Views on Mainstream Music

I don't know, I like mainstream music. At work, I choose to dance to Justin Bieber songs. I don't think I could dance to any thing more mainstream than Justin Bieber. One thing I don't like: how artists change who they are and mold themselves to become more famous and popular in mainstream... for example,… Continue reading Day 16: My Views on Mainstream Music

Challenges, Day 15

Day 15: My Favorite Tumblrs

I'm not even close to as active as I used to be (in high school) on Tumblr but I'll still scroll through and reblog some awesome photos from time to time.Top 5 Tumblr pages I reblog most often:HallucinationDangerThunderShymessBledIf you'd like to follow me on Tumblr, you can do so, here! Go ahead and drop your… Continue reading Day 15: My Favorite Tumblrs

Books, Quotes

My Favorite Quotes From… Gena/Finn by Hannah Moskowitz + Kat Helgeson

Gena/Finn by Hannah Moskowitz and Kat HelgesonOriginally published: April 17, 2016"I mean, I like people, but most of the time I'm with them I'm just waiting for them to leave so I can take off my pants and flop down with my laptop and not have to be anything.""It's like everything goes dark, not like… Continue reading My Favorite Quotes From… Gena/Finn by Hannah Moskowitz + Kat Helgeson

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Day 14: My Earliest Memories

My earliest memories start before I was in Kindergarten. I remember my family lived in this cute, kind of small 2-bedroom house in Saint Paul, MN. My sister was my best friend and I really loved my parents. Except for when my dad would hit my sister and me with his belt for giggling and… Continue reading Day 14: My Earliest Memories

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So I wasn’t fired

I worked last Friday and no one said anything about my drunken shenanigans, lol. I was absolutely grateful. But, towards the end of the night the bitch I shared the champagne room with came up to me while I was with customers and was like "omg it's my faaaavorite!" (referring to me, obviously I'm not… Continue reading So I wasn’t fired

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Day 13: Somewhere I Would Like To Move or Visit

Well, I just moved to Las Vegas this past November and I really love it here. I don't think I'd like to live anywhere else, ever. I visited Cali and Las Vegas for my 21st birthday last year, I thought I'd fall in love with Cali and move there but I fell in love with… Continue reading Day 13: Somewhere I Would Like To Move or Visit

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Day 12: My Day in Bullets

I prefer to do my daily blog post when I first wake up and before I get ready for the day, but today's post was to put my whole day in bullet points and it would have been just one bullet: "woke up, now writing this" lol, so now my day is almost over and… Continue reading Day 12: My Day in Bullets